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COVID-19 Individual Release and Hold-Harmless Agreement

Dance Expressions

COVID-19 Individual Release and Hold-Harmless Agreement

 I, the undersigned, acknowledge and understand, that as a student of the Dance Expressions, entering in the studio, having personal contact with my instructor and classmates, associated with taking classes in the studio, at this time during a government mandated “social distancing” order due to the COVID-19 outbreak, involves a certain degree of risk that could result in illness, injury, death or loss or damage to person or property. 

I further acknowledge and understand the following precautions and disclosures being taken at this time by the Dance Expressions: 

1) Hand sanitizer will be used when dancers enter and exit the building; 

2) That Dance Expressions cannot guarantee that students will stay 6 feet apart at all times as when dancers and tumblers start moving during class due to the nature of the activity; 

3) In order to teach skills correctly, safely, and to prevent injury, the Dance Expressions staff will spot and physically assist students when the circumstances require it; 

4) Masks are not required for children 5 and under. For ages 6 and older, masks will be required when they cannot social distance, but they may be removed if the student feels like they are overheating; 

5) Parents of children ages 7 and under may wait in the building. Parents of children ages 8 and older are allowed to wait in the building, however, we ask that you drop your child off at the door to keep from overcrowding the waiting area. All parents are welcome to watch the class via zoom; 

6) Classes will be dismissed approximately 10 minutes early (5 minutes early for 30-minute classes) to allow for students to exit and allowing time for staff to disinfect the area prior to the next group of classes entering the building; 

7) Students with a break between classes will be allowed to remain in the building, however, there will be no staff supervision and Dance Expressions cannot guarantee that students will stay 6 feet apart at all times; 

8) If a dancer does not feel well, Dance Expressions will have a designated area for the student to wait away from other students while waiting for their parent/guardian to pick them up; 

9) No one is allowed into the Dance Expression facility that has had a fever or cough within the last 48 hours; and 

10) No one is allowed into the Dance Expressions facility that has someone living in their household 

that has had a positive test for COVID-19 until after the mandatory 14-day quarantine period. 

After carefully considering the risk involved, I hereby release, hold-harmless and waive all claims associated with allowing the above described access to the Dance Expressions facilities which I may have against Dance Expressions, its staff, employees, officers, director, and members. I further acknowledge that the choice at this time to return to in-person classes, is my choice and of my family is in no way being required by Dance Expressions as classes remain available on Zoom.