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All instructors are required to meet all deadlines given to them.

Due DateItem Due
October 1, 2022Company Costume Selections
November 1, 2022Recital Costume Selections
December 1, 2022Company Music Edits
December 1, 2022Recital Music Selections
January 5, 2023Recital Routine Choreography May Begin
April 1, 2023Recital choreography complete
April 1, 2023ALL Recital Music Edits and Videos completed and submitted
April 15, 2023ALL costumes / accessories hung, completed, ready for bagging


Studio Director Login – You can bookmark this

 Taking attendance:

Once logged in to Studio Director:

  • Click the classes tab / Find your class
    • This method is great if you are subbing 
  • -OR-
    • Click the instructors tab / Click on your name (this will list your classes) / find your class
  • Click “Attendance, Make-ups & Drop-ins” button (lower right) and take your attendance
  • UN-Check anyone that is absent
  • DO NOT forget to click “Save Changes” at the top.


Get the Homebase Mobile App:

Homebase will be used for ALL time based activities. Teaching, Flex Pay, and Private Lessons.
We will also use this for some communications, so please make sure you have notification TURNED ON for this app.

If you forgot to clock in or need to edit a clock in:

  • In the app go to “Timesheets” at the bottom and find your name in the list and click on it.
    • To edit: Find the record and click it and there you can edit your times:
    • To add a new one: Click the “+” symbol in the upper right corner to add a new time record. Be sure to select the correct “role” and “Date”.

If you have an issue, use the “Messages” at the bottom and send Mr. James a message.

You can also message other staff using the Messages feature.

Find an assistant or some to help you
Video your routine – from the back
Hint on video quality:
No need for full 4K videos.
HD /or/ 1080 videos are just fine and will save space.

Open your video in the photos app
Click the share icon on the bottom left (little box with the up arrow)
Select “Save to Files” and select where you want to save it (easiest is “On My Phone”)
BEFORE clicking save, click on the file name at the bottom and change it to:
the class name, GENRE, day, and time IE: “INTRO TO YOUTH COMBO – BALLET – T4:30pm”
Hint: same title that is in your Studio Director app you use for attendance.

Once you have them all saved…

Upload your files to James’ DropBox: https://www.dropbox.com/request/rluRUP9k8qA52pih4a7d