What is the DE Difference?

What should you be looking for in choosing the right dance studio for your dancer?

Friendliness of Teachers and Staff

These are the people that will be teaching your child and who you will communicate with on a regular basis. Your child should be in an environment where they feel comfortable, accepted, and cared for.

The DE Difference
The teachers at Dance Expressions strive to cultivate good relationships with their students through personalized instruction in a safe and positive environment, while embracing and celebrating each child’s differences and abilities. The office staff is attentive, organized, and always there to help.

Qualified and well-rounded instructors

Many dance studios include staff bios on their website so you can see how they contribute to the program. The instructors should be well-rounded, with years of training and performance experience.

The DE Difference
Dance Expressions has an extremely qualified and diverse staff, as indicated by their bios, but most importantly, they celebrate the achievements of all students and inspire a love and appreciation of dance and the arts.


Children are healthiest when they are allowed to just be children.  A studio that focuses on health and technique does not need to have compromising moves, costumes, or music with questionable lyrics.

The DE Difference
Dance Expressions prides itself on providing a family environment, non-compromising age-appropriate costuming and choreography, as well as clean song lyrics.

Variety of classes

Deciding what type of class is best for your child can be tricky. Is your child drawn to dance because of a particular exposure to movement? Does your child enjoy performance and/or competition or want to dance recreationally? A well-established dance studio offers a variety of dance styles because they know the importance of exposing dancers to multiple genres.

The DE Difference
Dance Expressions offers a wide variety of styles, including ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, hip hop, musical theater, voice/acting, tumbling, and acrobatics. We offer traditional recreational classes, as well as competition classes.

Trial Classes

The best way to see if your dancer feels comfortable at a dance studio is to try a class. Some dance studios offer trial classes to give your dancer an opportunity to try a class before committing to a full season of classes.

The DE Difference
At Dance Expressions, we offer free trial classes and find that most of the time, the kids have a blast and sign up before even leaving the building

State-of-the-Art Facility

Finding a dance studio with a great facility is important. You want to make sure the studio is clean, safe, and equipped with everything they need to teach your child. From mats for Acrobatics, to barres for Ballet, having the right supportive equipment in the classroom is essential for your dancer to learn more skills while also preventing injury.

The DE Difference
Dance Expressions has a 13,000 square foot facility, with floating dance floors (easy on joints), appropriate equipment, and monitors for parents to watch their child’s class.

The Overall Feeling

Are students and parents happy and at ease at the studio?  Is the staff pleasant?  Is the studio well-kept and cared for?  These are all signs that you are at the right studio.  A studio should be a safe environment for children to learn and grow.

The DE Difference
Dance Expressions has created a family oriented community where everyone is celebrated and where our students can feel empowered, comfortable, and free to express themselves.