Zoom Tips and Tricks

Need some technical help? Email Mr. James at support@destudios.com and he will be glad to help.

Student Tips for Participating in Online Classes

  • When joining a class, a popup with our studio disclaimer will need to be accepted
  • Find the teachers video once they are online and click on it and “PIN” the video
    • On phones and tablets, just double tap on the teacher’s video
    • This will make the teachers video the main one on your screen at all times
  • You are automatically muted when joining a class
    • Only unmute yourself if needed or requested by the teacher
  • Have a question during your class?
    • Physically raise your hand and the teacher will unmute you
  • Be yourself and respect others
  • Set up an intentional space you can use while taking a class
    • A quiet place
    • No distractions
    • Enough space to comfortably participate
  • Be sure to have all your dance shoes handy